• Parents don't have to be made, only mentioned in family.
  • No character can be perfect - make sure to make them have flaws!
  • You can't start roleplaying till one of the admins,  say you're added.
  • No cyberbullying other users. This means no swearing, no yelling, and do not be rude.
  • No using other people's characters. Do so and you may be banned.
  • A species can only talk to it's own species.
  • If you need to say something that's non-roleplaying related, say it in parenthesis. Example: (I've got to go)
  • You can't do anything major without asking the admins first.
  • Please refrain from editing other people's user pages, unless the user wants you to.
  • Do not godmod your characters; making them superpowerful and taking control of all/most roleplays.
  • Do not make your character a perfect little hero who always hogs all the attention(ie, Mary-Stu, Gary-Stu). It truly is annoying. 

If you break a rule, an admin will give you three warnings, and that's it. If you continue to break rules, the admins will ban you for as long as they see fit.

Thank you!